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Before I tell you about this great opportunity, I know there is at least one person who has just asked..."What Is A Forum?!" So, while trying not to get too technical, I'll answer your question: A forum is a web application for holding discussions and posting user generated content. Basically, it consists of group discussions on topics that are of interest to the forum members. For example; sports, movies, books, games etc. Forums are also commonly referred to as message boards, discussion groups or bulletin boards. 

There Are two Main Ways To Earn Money With FreeForumWork.com:

Pay Per Post
Join the Top Ten Paid Forum Sites online. Each forum will "pay you per post". You can earn anywhere between $10 - $1,000 per week. Your earnings are dependant on the number of posts you make.
Affiliate Marketing Using Forums
We will provide you with over 20,000 categorized products that you can affiliate. Each sale will earn you a commission ($10-$50). We will teach you how to add your affiliate link in a relevant post.



Thousands of online forums hire writers everyday, to contribute content to their discussion board. In return, this attracts other members and further online conversations. 

Therefore, writers are needed everyday to post on forums. Anybody can be a writer. You don't need any experience or a degree in English. If you can chat about topics that interest you, then you're the right person for the job!

Write as much, or as little, as you like and get paid for every post. It is very simple to get involved and you can get paid via PayPal, or Check, on a weekly basis.

Being paid to post on website forums can be quite an easy and enjoyable activity. Especially since you can choose a topic that you are interested or knowledgeable in.

So What's Included In The FREE Membership?

Pay Per Post

TOP 10 Paid Forum Sites
Valued At $19.95

Gain instant access to the Top 10 Paid Forum Sites online. These companies will pay you $10-$1000, simply for posting new topics and replying to messages. 


Forum Posting For Beginners  
Valued At $9.95

We will teach you what a forum is and how to post on a forum to gain maximum results. 

Posting on forums is easy and fun. To get paid for something you enjoy doing is quite rare...so join today before this offer ends!



Xtreme Posting Software By FreeForumWork.com Valued At $27.97

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This software will decrease your posting time by 50%. This means you can post twice as fast, and earn twice as much!


Video Tutorials
Valued At $47.97

We include step-by-step instructions, in both video and text format, in how to use our Xtreme Posting Software!

The software is quite straight-forward, however, these video tutorials will ensure you don't miss a thing!

Affiliate Marketing Using Forums

Forum Marketing Super Tips eBook by Marketing Guru
Valued At $19.95

Pages 5-14 Will Show You Exactly How To Earn Money As An Affiliate Using Forums!

With all this information you will surely be on your way to a financially secure life!




Forum List eBook
Valued At $29.95

With Just Five Minutes and The Forum List... You Can Reach Out to Thousands of People Who Want to Hear What You Have to Say! In a nutshell, the Forum List contains 27 categories of active forums. With this eBook, you can quickly read through the alphabetical index listing of forums. 

You can then use these categorized forums to place your targeted affiliate links, and start earning mega bucks!!


Video Tutorial On How To Use The Forum List
Valued At $9.95

The "Forum Marketing Super Tips" eBook will explain to you how to make money as an affiliate, using forums. However, this video tutorial will demonstrate the concept!

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Top 10 Forum Companies Ready To Pay You To Post

Unique Software Which Will Enable You To Post On Multiple Sites. This advanced software will cut your posting time by 50%, which means you can  post more to earn more
Online Video Tutorials On How To Use This Easy-To-Use State Of The Art Software

Online Forum Training Manual To Teach You The Ropes
Forum Marketing Super Tips eBook by Marketing Guru

Forum List eBook - Categorized Forums To Get You Rolling
Video Tutorial On How To Use The Forum List Concept
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